Accelerated Disruption by Eric Lefkofsky

Disruptive businesses are born every day. Someone has a great idea that offers a better choice in terms of price, convenience, service or functionality, and for a moment, they hold the keys to the remaking of an entire industry.
Yet many of these businesses let advantage slip through their hands over time because they fail to realize that the fast pace of technology allows a challenge to come from anywhere - large competitors or startups -- and overtake them in an instant.

This is Accelerated Disruption. It is business development moving at the speed of the next technological advancement. Businesses that can understand and control the forces of technology will thrive in the coming years. Those that cannot will find themselves displaced.

Accelerated Disruption deals with the following critical startup concepts and more:

* Choosing the right industries to innovate

* Understanding the concept of pain in an industry and turning it to competitive advantage

* Using the strength of conventional wisdom to investigate a disruptive idea and test it under the radar

* Getting the best out of your people through smart automation

* Turning your customer base into a sophisticated R&D team

* Mastering the art of quick-release product improvements

* Promoting your idea in the face of industry and investor resistance

* Developing a capital strategy that supports your business during critical stages of development

Author Eric Lefkofsky, a Chicago entrepreneur who helped found five technology startups worth more than a billion dollars, explains how disruptive businesses are formed, grown and sustained and provides an intellectual and conceptual framework for making your idea a reality.